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Flea market     


Construction and management of gas ad water pipelines.

Protesgas Feraboli S.r.l. is involved in constructing and managing of gas and water pipelines through the following activities:

 - gas and water pipelaying (steel, HDPE, cast iron)
 - pre-insulated pipes pipelaying for district heating and steam distribution
 - realization of connections to the final user and user management
 - transformation of
thermal power plants 
 - repair gas leaks and water leaks
 - pressure test
 - excavation jobs
 - construction of building products
 - realization of gas cabin
 - installation of LPG stocks centres
 - realization of water sinks and basins

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Third parties water pipelines management.

The activity of acqueducts management includes the following jobs:

 - pose and substitution of water meters
 - management of emergency due to water leaks
 - counters reading, billing , recording receipts, issue reminders 
 - counters management.

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Leaks search.

Protesgas Feraboli srl takes care of leaks search through the following activities:

 - development of cartographies
 - gas leak detection
 - water leaks search
 - metal and pastic pipeline localization 
 - control of odorisation systems 
 - control of cathode protection systems

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Boiler maintenance.

The activity of boiler maintenance includes:

 - maintenance of: boiler, burners, water heater, stove, convectors
 - realization of water and gas system certification
 - boiler assistance and annual revision
 - gas system fixing

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Systems management.

Protesgas Feraboli srl takes care of systems management through the following activities:

 - test and pressure test of water and gas systems
 - control of final reduction groups
 - control of cathode protection systems
 - control of odorisation systems
 - control of gas leak detection systems
 - installation and management of lighting gas systems.

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